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TXT Stories

Creative Director, Producer, Business Development, Sales, and “the glue”

TXT Stories is a hit show on Facebook Watch and Snapchat, garnering over 3MM+ followers and over 1B minute watched in under 1 year.

I was a core innovative leader on early stages of building out a new department and this format. Our team's goal was to discover and produce social formats with the potential to develop into hit TV/web series. Involved creative producing and logistics as well as strategy and business development. I worked on identifying, testing, and creating new social formats using Facebook data. I also focused on training for POD structure workflow and building effective teams that utilize and target each members talents while teaching skill sets for growth.

After 1 year of Creative Producing, I moved into Business Development & Sales where I sold and signed deals with clients such as Netflix, NBCUniversal, Facebook, Snapchat, and more. I also worked to build out our team from the ground up with like-minded, innovative, top talent - including training new members and finding innovative solutions for road bumps and bottlenecks.

My goals were to identify market value, develop future success path, and target business partnerships. Putting together pivot and transition plans to adapt to the market, revenue goals, and target KPIs (watch time, retention rate, monetizable videos, etc).