RFP Campaign - Easy To Be Good

Disney Planes Partnership - event signage

Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo - menu boards (24x48)

Kona Berry Blast Launch - web banners

Wellness Bowls Launch - web/mobile banners

Email Blast Examples

Jamba juice

Jr. Art Director and Copywriter designing for all collateral, working directly with Creative Director from concept to production. Included web/mobile banner designs and animation direction, print materials for events, email blasts, etc.

Additionally, worked with a partner as Copywriter/co-Art Director and was presented as the recommended campaign for the RFP which focused on the convenience of getting a freshly juiced and all natural drink at Jamba Juice. It is contrary to what some people think as just being a "smoothie" spot. We wanted to highlight the ease and accessibility of their new product (not to mention the health benefits!).